ProjectsSleeping Beauty (Eastbourne)

The Princess is searching for happiness, Evil Carabosse is searching for revenge. Chester the Jester is searching for someone to laugh at his jokes and Nellie Night-Nurse is searching for her half-finished pint of Guinness!

'H' from Steps and Martyn Knight are joined by Katie Ray, direct from Joseph in the West End and Richard Pocock as Carabosse to spin this amazing adventure and help break the wicked spell that lasts 100 years. With the help of swash-buckling Prince Valiant dreams really can come true...

Fairy Fortywinks - Rebecca Vere
King Clarence - Paul Bentley
Lord Chamberlain - Danny Pike
Chester the Jester - Ian H Watkins
Nellie Night-Nurse - Martyn Knight
Carabosse - Richard Pocock
Prince Valiant - Tobin Saunders
Princess Belle - Katie Ray

Sleeping Beauty will play at the Devonshire Park Theatre from 9th December 2005 until 8th January 2006.>