ProjectsH Side Story

Ian H Watkins goes from superstar to student, as he studies a year long musical theatre course at the Royal Academy Of Music in London.
He is poked, pulled, provoked and pushed to his limits as the academy gives him the skills to become the best performer he can be.

Series 1 Episode 1
The first of eight programmes following ex-Steps singer Ian 'H' Watkins as he enrols on the Musical Theatre course at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music.

Series 1 Episode 2
It's H's first week at the world reknowned Royal Academy of Music and he's not off to the best of starts. His singing lesson starts particularly badly when he complains that his tutor is 'gobbing' on him.

Series 1 Episode 3
Continuing the series with ex-Steps singer Ian 'H' Watkins, who is midway through the Musical Theatre course at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music. In this episode he has to impress coach Mary Hammond.

Series 1 Episode 4
H's first term at the Academy is drawing to an end, but not before the grand showpiece Christmas Concert. H, however, also has rehearsals for Dick Whittington in panto, but Head of Course Mary Hammond is clearly not pleased.

Series 1 Episode 5
Halfway through the course, H is still struggling to lose his cheesy pop-star habits, despite warnings from his head of course Mary Hammond. A bout of insomnia, and H is soon chatting with his toy monkey.

Series 1 Episode 6
H faces his toughest challenge yet - the Agents' Showcase, where he will be performing in front of the West End's movers and shakers.

Series 1 Episode 7
After his success in the Agents' Showcase, H is on a high and goes for a meeting with the man intent on bringing him West End success.

Series 1 Episode 8
After a year at The Royal Academy of Music, H's adventure comes to an end. Has he done enough to earn his diploma and gain the credibility he needs to be taken seriously in the West End?