ProjectsBefore Bristol (London)

Featuring a six-strong cast, Before Bristol is a dark comedy which tells the story of gruff local newspaper editor Brian Squire and his ramshackle team of reporters on northern weekly newspaper The Heaton Express.
With the ever-combative Squire having dragged them into a civil war with their local rivals at the Gazette, matters take a dramatic turn for the worse when it emerges the Express is about to be swallowed up by its more affluent enemy. As Brian struggles to come to terms with the paper's imminent demise, his long-suffering colleagues are finally forced to confront their own contrasting futures. While Kate prepares to make the biggest commitment of her life and the ever-disloyal Dave plots his survival at the expense of everyone around him, the prospect of a painful divorce is only the beginning of the mild-mannered Geoffrey's problems. And when it comes to the crunch, can Brian really bid farewell to his old stomping ground?

Dave Grimes - Ian 'H' Watkins
Before embarking on a career in acting, Ian was a member of the group Steps, one of the biggest British pop acts of recent years. After enjoying four UK number ones and selling over 15 million records, Ian decided to return to his first love, the theatre. He recently graduated from The Royal Academy Of Music and studied at The Stella Adler Studio in New York, shown in the Channel 4 documentary, H Side Story. In 2004 he played the title role in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at the Drury Lane Theatre in the West End. Ian's recently recorded five episodes of the BBC radio drama Silver Street and has several projects in development through his production company. His official website can be found at

Phil - Yannick Lawry
Brian - Jonthan Oliver
Simon - Nick Meadows
Kate - Victoria Meakin
Geoffrey - Richard Walker
Dave - Ian H Watkins

Before Bristol will play at the The Old Red Lion from Tuesday 13th June to Saturday 1st July.